Feeling Awesome for My Sister, Because of Her Marriage

What a busy schedule! I have no time to eat for my profession and also for my sister marriage. I am Shruti and I am working as a software engineer. After one month, my sister will be getting married. We are so happy for her. My papa is feeling relax for her but he also has tension for this marriage. She is my younger sister. Now you are thinking that why younger first?? Actually I don’t believe this marriage and any new relationship. So I told my papa strictly that I never want to engage with anyone. And another reason is I love my mom and papa; so I want to be always with them. My papa knows that and he can read my mind. My papa is very practical minded and he allowed me to be single; I am established that’s why my papa knows that I can handle myself. I am always being rough and tough. Now my papa is not worried about me.

Woman having microdermabrasion

My sister is Priti; this year she completes her post-graduation. She is brilliant student and she loves to read. Actually she was not ready to marry; she wants to continue her study for phd. But my papa wants that she should be engaged with someone. Actually she is very sweet and we all know that she is very warm heated. She can’t understand practical life; she is dealing her life with emotions. That’s why my papa always worried about her. He is always thinking that how she manages herself. Me and papa, we are always trying to protect her. So papa decided about her marriage. I am very happy because she is going to be settling in her life. But at the same time I am feeling alone because we spend our time most. She is my best friend and she is very close to me. We always shared our feelings to each other. I never imagine living without her. She is not only my sister; she is my friend also. But I think that it is the time to leave her hand and lets her free. It is the time, when she lives her life according to her; she maintains her life as she wants. Now we can give her hand to her would be for protect her. Her would be is very nice guy; I am sure that he never be leave her hand; he always be with her. I wish they will be most lovable couple in the world.

I am always trying to fulfill her dreams, wishes everything; because she is everything for me. After one month there have an occasion in my home and now I have to think about my face. Always I have packed up schedule and that’s why I can’t treat my ski properly. For work pressure, I have no time to take care of my face and also my skin. But she wants that I will be look best in her marriage. It is her wish that I have to take a skin treatment for her marriage. And also in my skin there have dark spots, which I can see. And for this problem I was trying so many home remedies but it was not working. I was going to parlor but they also can’t remove. Now I have no time to do that but I have to do that treatment either she will be very angry. I don’t want to be sad her. It is her last wish before her marriage to me. That’s why I need best skin clinic and best skin specialist. During this time I have to complete my skin treatment, either she will be killing me. I love her most of my life. I miss you my sweet sis. Yesterday I was searching for dermatologist in Hyderabad in Google search. But there have so many clinics nearby my home. But I can’t understand which one is best. I can’t take any risk with my skin right now because marriage is soon. So now I have to ask my little one, she can help me best. She has many experiences of this skin treatment. She is maintaining her skin and she is going to parlor or skin clinic regularly. Let’s see what will happen with my skin.

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